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As I did research to write this article I found myself salivating, so beware.  Let me begin by saying I love bags. The pockets, colors, textures, the way they accent an outfit. But a few years ago I told myself I didn't need a ton of purses. Keyword need, not want. I started buying one nice purse that I love that matches with lots of outfits.

So how do I express my love for bags now? Wristlets. Wristlets are cheaper, classy, and come in all sorts of colors and styles to fulfill your most frivolous desires. You can indulge in buying several and your wallet will give you a big smile (both because it's still full of money AND has lots of cute new friends). I find them nice for bar hopping or errands as they are small but conveniently attached to your wrist so you don't leave them in places like I do with clutches. They are also perfect for carrying in your main purse with all the essentials--easy to move from purse to purse or come out when you don't need the big bag.

I love some of the colorful and creative wristlets made by artists on Etsy and they will definitely make your pocketbook happy. Or if you're feeling indulgent get your favorite designer brands like White House Black Market, Coach, Vera Bradley, or find brands like Juicy or Prada at Saks.com.

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