Everyday Inspirations


{frequently asked questions}

What's the story behind Everyday Inspirations?
During a difficult time in our lives (due to a certain crappy economy and unfulfilling jobs), we discussed how much we disliked being negative about what we couldn't control. We both decided we would take time each day to find beauty and inspiration in everyday things, then share them on a website with the rest of the world. It was a fantastic, life changing challenge that helped solidify our friendship and our love of life. In a world where it's easy to become cynical, Everyday Inspirations keeps us positive and helps us remember that life includes too many awesome things to justify spending time focused on the worst.

Why do you write about so many topics?
Life is made up of thousands of moments each day. You wake up. You shower, pick out clothes, brush your teeth, have breakfast, work, interact with family and friends. You make decisions all day long. You both consciously and unconsciously take in your surroundings, both at home and the world around you. Life is a whirlwind of happenings. We're here to show how inspiration can be found anywhere you turn and how you can organize your life so that you are inspired more often. Once you start looking for it, you'll be surprised at even the smallest things that inspire you.

Are you really this perky all the time?
Short answer: no. We can both be pretty sarcastic and enjoy having a poke at those who use the words "are" and "our" interchangably (laugh sessions about such topics keep us sane as we spend hours and hours on the website). And seriously, even though we write about bright/happy/cheerful inspiration all the time, we're human too. We get frustrated, yell, and cry -- we just happen to believe anyone can step back from a bad situation, wipe away the tears, and say, "Okay, what can I learn from this?"

How did you two meet?
We met during college. Funny enough, we had quite a few mutual friends, lived in the same dorms, and shared the same major, but we didn't meet until our senior year.

Is Everyday Inspirations your full-time job?
We both work outside of this website, so Everyday Inspirations is a side project. We're dedicated to it because we love sharing our personal stories and experiences, as well as connecting with our readers. We also really enjoy the topics we feature on this blog: shopping, cooking, working out, traveling, decorating our homes. Every post you read comes directly from our lives and is an honest representation of who we are. We don't blog about what we don't care about.

Where do you find the photos on your website?
We like to keep things really authentic on our blog. All the photography is done by us (and copyright protected) unless otherwise noted. If you'd like to use one of our photos, just contact us.

Where do you live?
We both live and work out of the Salt Lake valley.

You're cute. Want to go out?
Seriously flattered, but we're both in happy relationships.

Is it difficult to share a web site with another person?
Sharing the responsibility of a web site (especially one that requires a daily post) keeps us sane. It's also nice because you have a go-to person when you need help or a proofreader.

Coffee run! What'll you have?
Ash will have a chai latte. Ang wants a mocha. Thanks! ;)