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You know how everyone has something they never learned how to do? For me, it's how to sew (other than reattaching a button, which doesn't count). I recently discovered that a certain person in my life doesn't know how to properly wrap a gift. Which really isn't a big deal, but is a skill most people should know. So I decided to teach this person--who totally is not my boyfriend--how to easily wrap a package.

By the way, pardon my not-even-close-to-being-cute hands in these images. A hand model I am not. Oh, and remember clicking on the images enlarges them...
Proper gift wrapping tools
Wrapping paper
A box
Tags (to, from...)
Optional special touches (see this post)

To make sure you have enough gift wrap for your package, start by laying it on the floor and unrolling the wrapping paper until there is enough on each side that the two sides overlap when pulled over the box (see photo 1). (By the way, can you get over our adorable wrapping paper this year? Happy holiday puppies?! So sweet.) Cut the paper, and don't worry if the edges are ragged. We'll fix that later.

Next, cut off any excess paper (photo 2). You want to make sure you'll have enough paper to cover the entire box, but not so much it becomes a total pain to manage.
Fold the paper over your first long side and secure with tape (photo 1). Remember, this side won't be seen, so it doesn't matter if your jagged scissor line shows. Next, flip your gift around and fold over the jagged edge in about 1/4 or 1/2 inch (photo 2). See? No one needs to be able to cut a perfectly straight line... and who can anyway, with those super long wrapping paper rolls? Not me. Secure your nice creased edge with tape (photo 3).
Now, the sides. This is where it gets a little bit tricky, but no fear. First, you're going to want to trim off all that extra paper. A good rule of thumb is to estimate the height of your box and keep the appropriate amount of paper. For example, the side of this box is about one inch, so I measured about an inch of paper (plus a little more, just in case) and chopped off the rest (see picture 1).

Next, hold the box toward you, grab each side of the paper, and bend in, creating two triangles on each side of the top and bottom (see photo 2; photo 3 shows the opposite side).
Starting with the bottom flap, fold the paper in to hide jagged edges (photo 1). Secure flap one with tape (photo 2).
Repeat with the top flap, folding in (photo 1) and taping (photo 2). Simple! Now add ribbons, tags, and any other special touches, and start getting excited to watch your loved one tear it open.
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12/20/2010 09:17:44 am

In theory, I know how to wrap presents. But it still comes out looking like Maizey wrapped the presents.

11/7/2013 05:04:11 pm

I am thanking you very much for this updation, you have good knowledge about how to write blogs, I appreciate your skill.


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