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Whoever decided that no one should wear white after Labor Day obviously didn't own this coat. (Of course, this may mean nothing. Isn't that rule no longer in effect?)

I've collected a few winter coats over the years, but this cream-colored number is one of my favorites. There is something very retro about it -- and you know how the EI girls love classic fashion (remember this and this?).

This coat can be worn with most outfits but is especially adorable with skirts, tights, and booties. I adore how it hits high on my thigh and that it's cut to hug my waist. Very feminine -- and I have no complaints about any article of winter clothing that makes me feel sexy while still keeping me warm.
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11/15/2010 10:42:19 pm

that coat is beautiful! I want to see a picture of it on! Actually, maybe I don't because then I'll want it even more. :)

11/15/2010 11:04:23 pm

Teri, you're so cute! I'll have to get a pic of me wearing it. I wanted to last night, but I was already rockin' the post-work sweats. Mm, cozy! (But not quite appropriate with the sassy coat.) Maybe you should visit Utah again and I'll let you try it on. :)


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