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Yes, that is popcorn on our table. I was mixing it up and tossed it right out of the bowl! Made for an OK pic.

My life is always crazy this time of year, especially when I decide to run a race. My workout plan includes a lot of six-day weeks, so whenever I have a rest day, I guard it like gold. The best rest days are the days I have nothing planned. In fact, if you tell me my rest day will be at home and will include a combination of good food, a movie, and pajamas, I'll love you forever.

Sunday was a rest day and I loved every minute of it. After dinner with my family, Dan and I popped some popcorn, poured some wine, and settled in for the night. It was a small, simple event, but it meant a lot. I felt relaxed, re-energized, and ready to start my week.
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3/29/2011 09:20:51 pm

I love reading about your relationship with Dan. You two are so sweet together.

3/31/2011 01:04:22 am

I just thought I'd let you know that I did a post on my blog today about making your healthy cookie recipe, the one that Teri linked on her Foodie Stays Fit blog. Thanks, they turned out great!!

4/12/2011 10:03:44 am

@Teri: Thank you, sweetie. I adore him. I'm glad I can share our crazy little life on the blog. :)

@Lindsey: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe (Angie is a genius when it comes to cookies). Thanks for saying hi... your blog is adorable!

4/12/2011 10:05:54 am

Oh! Sorry, Lindsay, I spelled your name wrong. I also kept typing "glob" when I meant "blog." I think it's one of those nights...

8/22/2012 08:58:14 pm

You made some respectable points here.


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