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A rose from the wedding.

Last night was an exciting evening for the EI team, as we watched one of our good friends get married to the love of her life.

For some reason I couldn't turn off the tears at this wedding. The cake set me off. The menu set me off. Don't even get me started on what happened when I first saw the bride (let's just say I had to look away a lot). More than once I had Dan distract me because I was feeling so emotional.

I've been thinking about this reaction and realized all the tears were for two reasons. One, I've watched Lindsey's journey as she fell in love with her new husband, and I can't describe the joy on her face when she looks at her sweetheart. And two, I've become more in tune with love in my own life and how it has made me a better person.

Love exists in many forms. Often, when we think of love, we focus on the romance -- the storybook, love-at-first-sight, can't-live-without-you romance. Romance is exciting and something most people want in their lives. But there is also the love between friends and the awe-inspiring love that exists in families. I think what struck me as a most beautiful about last night's event is knowing that every person who attended the ceremony and reception has held an integral role in shaping the bride and groom into who they are today (something Lindsey's minister explained beautifully during the wedding ceremony). I didn't know most people in that room, but there was an invisible bond wrapped around all of us.

Today, take a quiet pause to acknowledge the part love has played in your life. Understand its real ability to change everything. In your own way, find a moment to raise a glass to one of the most powerful forces in this world and how it makes life so gorgeous.
Allison Glinka
8/8/2010 09:55:15 am

Very beautiful Ash! This post also brought tears to my eyes, such an amazing night!


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