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Autumnal Equinox
When you're done balancing eggs for the autumnal equinox, use them to whip up some delicious tiramisu. I made this as a treat for my mom's birthday last week remembering that the first time I made it, it was sort of a challenge and I wanted to make something special. I don't know what I was thinking of because the recipe is totally simple and fairly fast to make (not that it made it any less special for my mama). I used the recipe from my favorite Italian goddess, Giada de Laurentiis, who I aspire to be when I grow up.
*6 egg yolks
3 tablespoons sugar
1 pound mascarpone cheese
2 cups espresso, cooled
3 teaspoons dark rum
48 ladyfingers
1/2 cup bittersweet or semisweet chocolate shavings

* When consuming raw eggs, only use fresh, properly refrigerated, grade A or AA eggs.

Start by brewing your espresso. I prepared mine the night before so I could chill it in the fridge. I used my Bialetti moka which is much cheaper than an espresso maker, but makes it just as delicious in my opinion.
Separating eggs
Separate your eggs, add to your mixer with sugar and blend until thick and pale, about five minutes.
Mascarpone cheese
Add mascarpone cheese and 1 tablespoon espresso and blend until creamy and smooth.
In a separate bowl, stir espresso and rum together. I like having a separate shallow dish for soaking the lady fingers because they are less likely to get soggy a break apart than a big shallow dish.
Espresso soaked ladyfingers
Espresso soaked ladyfingers
Soak the lady fingers and fill out the bottom of you dish cutting some in half as needed.
Tiramisu recipe
Because of the trifle dish I used I was able to make three layers of lady fingers with three layers of mascarpone cheese mixture. The original recipe calls for a 9x13 pan with two layers. Spread one third of the mixture across the first layer, add another layer of ladyfingers and repeat with all three layers.
Dark chocolate
Using a grater, shave chocolate on the top for garnish. Cover and refrigerate at least two hours before serving.
Tiramisu recipe
Tiramisu is creamy, not too sugary, and delicious with a cup of hot espresso.
9/23/2010 03:54:14 am

I LOVE tiramisu! I've never made it but you make it look so easy. Although I don't have the right kind of dish. Hmmm...

9/23/2010 03:55:14 am

I LOVE tiramisu! I've never made it but your recipe looks so easy! I don't have the right type of dish for it though. I guess I could just do it in a large glass bowl?

9/24/2010 03:43:59 pm

Teri, it's funny you should say that because I've been really wanting a trifle dish and I used this as an excuse to buy one. It had to look pretty for my blog (I mean my mom) right? Yes, if you look at Giada's original recipe she uses a 9x13" pan and does only two layers. I adjusted my recipe to accommodate for deeper dish. :) This recipe is totally easy and so good! Plus it's a nice escape from super sugary desserts.


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