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Last winter when I picked these Report boots out (errr...instructed my husband to buy them for me for Christmas) I wanted them to replace a pair of boots I had worn out that looked like the style on the far right. Little did I know when I opened the box they can be worn four different ways! That means I can wear them all the time without looking like I wear the same boots. Okay, I do change them occasionally in the winter. But did I mention how comfortably they are? It's like snuggling my feet in warm fuzzy slippers all day long. Any girl that lives in a true winter city can't realistically go prancing around in some of these fashion boots. If you're walking more than just out of the car and into a restaurant your boots need to have great traction in the snow. I may be a figure skater, but you can bet many of my other boots have me slipping and sliding on the icy walks (even if they do look fabulous). These are the perfect balance between fashion and function.

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