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Me biking in Zion National Park. Not exactly spinning at the gym, but the same idea!

Last night my friend Kayla invited me to attend a spinning class at our gym. I had given myself a nice, long Memorial weekend holiday, so I accepted. I couldn't even remember the last time I had gone spinning.

That class kicked my butt--in a great way. I sat on that seat for an hour of speed work and uphill climbs, sweat dripping down my face and back, thinking, "This feels so good!"

I'm so excited to make that feeling a part of my summer.

It's important to mix up your fitness routine. For most of us, spending a lot of time focused on just one activity leads to boredom. When you're bored, you're less motivated to get moving. But, come on. You don't want to put in months of work just to have everything go out the window because you're tired of your workout.

This summer, make it a goal to deviate from your routine. Check out classes offered at the local gym (bonus: air conditioning!). Buy a new exercise DVD to try at home. Join a running group. Have fun!

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