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New York City Splendor
New York City. The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. And of course, for all you Sex and the City fans, the scene of a very sucsexful TV series about the classy and fabulous. My brother, who lives there when he's not off interning in foreign countries, tells me he is pretty sure there is no part of the city, no nook or cranny, that has not been photographed or documented. That being said, there's probably not much I can write that's never been written. New York is just fabulous--the people, the food, the excitement, the constant entertainment, the art, the museums...the list goes on. It's probably on nearly everyone's "want to visit" list or "want to go back to" list. It's the object of many ballads and the subject of many artists. Despite what my brother says, it can't keep me from trying a new angle on something right? I took this photo a couple years ago on our family trip. After he moved there he tried to go back to recreate this photo but it just didn't quite work the same. Nice to know I could at least take a semi-original photo in the ever-captured, never-sleeping Big Apple.  

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5/29/2010 02:36:10 am

After the movie, we stood out in the theater lobby and watched the mostly female audience exit. Then my girlfriend summed it up for the five of us in the group: "I needed that." I quite agree. (See bit.ly/auc8cp for my entire post on my blog.)


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