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The other day I was inspired while reading Jasmine Star's blog. In "Starting the Day with Thankfulness," she writes, "Every morning I blink my eyes open. I lay for a few seconds, then squeeze them real tight. And thank God. For everything."

I needed to hear these words. Even though I write about inspiration every other day, I still have moments of pure frustration, both with others and with myself. Life is full of them. Last week alone I found myself upset with people pushing past me at the grocery store (I almost guarantee your grocery store cannot be filled with more inconsiderate shoppers than mine) and with myself for not getting up in time to ride my exercise bike.

As I've grown up, I've learned the key to handling stress is to not let minor frustrations affect who we are. It's way too easy to become negative. Like anything else worth having, happiness takes dedication and love -- of yourself, of life, of others.

We always remember to be thankful during the holiday season, but we often let those thoughts go by the wayside after it passes. We don't mean to. I know this. Every person wants to be happy and feel fulfilled. That's why we should use the next couple months to remind us how we should be thinking the rest of the year.

Like Jasmine, we can all get into a thankful state of mind by simply training ourselves to focus on blessings. Set aside a time of day to be grateful, whether it's first thing in the morning, when you lie in bed at night, or somewhere in between. Train yourself to stop every negative thought in its tracks -- then replace it with three things you're thankful for today.

You're brilliant, unique, and wonderful. You deserve all the happiness in the world.
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