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Macy's Day Parade, photo by Phil Bastian
Thanksgiving is a time of bringing people together. Since it should be a time of celebration, whether your the host or a guest, be sure to exercise some etiquette so everyone can be thankful for the amazing family and friends in their lives. 
What to wear
Even informal gatherings can have a dress code of sorts. As the host, be sure to let your guests know what type of attire they should wear. As a guest, if you're going somewhere new, be sure to find out. You don't want to show up in jeans and a tee when grandma got out her best pearls for her favorite holiday. If they say, "wear whatever," it's always safe to be on the dressy casual side.

Be punctual
There's nothing more annoying than having dinner all ready and all you have to do is wait until cousin Bobby shows up. Expect heavy traffic and icy roads and leave early to respect everyone's time. By no means should you purposely show up late or leave early so you don't have spend as much time with your in-laws (which I'd never do because I have the best in-laws ever).

Dinner time
Some may make it all as traditional as the pilgrims while others may have their own special spin on Thanksgiving. Be respectful of their traditions, no matter if they don't fit into what you're used to. The nice thing about Thanksgiving is there's usually so much they won't notice if you don't take a scoop of the jello salad. If it's a family specialty you will be expected to partake, but you can always take a small amount.

Don't gorge yourself
What is Thanksgiving infamous for? Stuffing our faces until everyone is ready to pop. Oh and did I mention there's dessert? Six different kinds of pie. There's nothing pretty (or comfortable) about gorging yourself though. As you're serving up your plate truly take a *little* of everything, even if they are your favorite mashed potatoes. You can always go back for seconds. Also, don't skip on the greens. Some people say they don't want to fill themselves up on it when they could use the room for extra sweet potatoes, but it will aid in digestion so you don't feel like you might explode. Finally, eat slowly.

Thanksgiving traditions
Whether it's customary to watch the Macy's Day Parade or participate in a little touch football, don't ditch out on or complain about the traditions. Just focus on enjoying the people around you and the way Thanksgiving brings people together.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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