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text etiquette
Texting has completely transformed the world communicates today. It is a great way to communicate fast and simple messages. That being said, you should be careful and take the time to read through your messages. Here are some quick tips for better texting.
  • Keep your message short. If it's going to be a long conversation you should call. Be considerate of the other person's text plan. Only text a lot if you know they have unlimited texting.
  • Don’t text anything confidential, private or embarrassing. You never know who might be looking over their shoulder.
  • Don't text messaging when sharing bad news or important business matters.
  • Be clear with your intended message. Read through it and determine if anything could be misconstrued or taken offensively. 
  • Proofread your text. Texting may be an informal form of communication but you still want to look intelligent and be sure your message is clear.

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