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Happy Wednesday, sweet readers. I honestly cannot believe we're halfway through the week. The combination of multiple work projects, plus the fact that my training schedule doesn't include a rest day until Friday, means that this week is flying by. I feel like I'm going, going, going from the sound of my alarm until I fall into bed at night. Not that I'm complaining.

I know this is going to make me sound ultra dorky, but lately I've been looking forward to coming home from the gym... and washing my face. Because a clean face means I get to use my new night time moisturizer!

You: Um, yay?

My transition to a night moisturizer (it sounds so very adult, doesn't it?) happened because of a conversation I had with my cousin Christine, who is an aesthetician (you may remember her from our 12 Days of Holiday DIY). I visited her over my birthday weekend for a facial and she asked about my skin care routine.

"Oh, you know, I wash my face twice a day and moisturize after."

"Do you use your daytime moisturizer at night?"

"Is that bad?"

No, she told me. It's not bad. But then she pointed out I really don't need the SPF from my daytime lotion when I'm sleeping. Point taken.

I always feel a little torn about anti-aging routines. It's not because I don't want young-looking skin and not because I don't want to take care of my skin. I just think it can be tough to live in a world that's so very focused on youth. Maybe I'll feel differently the older I get, but I sure do wish we spent less time agonizing over little lines and more time revering the amazing experience that comes with age and experience. Laugh lines should be badges of honor.

That's just me.

Regardless of how you all feel, I know I don't need to hammer it into your head that skincare is extremely important at any stage of your life. And, as illustrated from the conversation I had with my cousin, I also know I'm no expert. So I wanted to share a few links with you that explain why using a separate night cream is indeed a good thing to incorporate into your nightly ritual.

- It's a simple, cheap way to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.
- Night lotions are heavier than the lotion you wear during the day. Because of this, there are more active anti-aging ingredients.
- They vary to work with your skin at any age. Check out a list of the best skin routines according to your age--you know I had to pull a Cosmo article. (Okay, so this tip is in the one above too.)
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