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After a snowy Saturday, today's sun-kissed beauty was a wonderful sight. I met my friend Emily for coffee earlier this afternoon at a small cafe in Salt Lake called Red Moose, where I had an amazing new drink: the Azteca Moose. It was a Mexican-hot-chocolate-meets-espresso treat--and it was brilliant. Not too sweet, a bit spicy, a hint of cinnamon. I love quiet Sunday afternoons enjoying great conversation with a friend and appreciating the beauty outside the windows. I can just feel spring just around the corner.

Now I have to go curl up on the couch and watch the Oscars. I hope everyone's predictions that Collin Firth is a shoe-in come true because, holy cow, was The King's Speech incredible. Also, in case you're wondering, if I could pick any Oscar dress for my closet, it would be Scarlett Johanssen's. I don't care what you say, Kelly and Giuliana, it's gorgeous--especially from the back.

I think I would totally rock the red carpet, if only someone would invite me to the show...
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