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When shopping for vacation clothes in downtown Salt Lake turned out to be a bust, Dan and I headed up the canyon to the Park City outlet mall. Thanks to Memorial Day weekend sale overload, I brought home some great finds, including this gorgeous gray and white strapless dress. It's deliciously lightweight--a perfect outfit for hot summer nights. I can't wait to wear it to my friends' wedding in August (yay, Lindsey and Mario!), though I know I will be looking for a dress-up opportunity before then.


I feel it's necessary to also use today's post to thank the men and women who defend our country every day. It's because of them I am able live this inspired life--one where I can blog about my interests and buy a dress just for fun. I know I'm lucky to have been born in America. I also know the freedom I enjoy is easy to take advantage of. Today, I hold in my heart those who have sacrificed their lives so I can live mine. Thank you for your honor and your bravery.
5/31/2010 01:04:04 pm

Hey the photo worked! And it looks glorious! Also, Nate and I were in PC today too! We should have communicated! We could have had a play date.


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