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Oh, I love stripes! They're so classic and beautiful, plus they're everywhere. I can feed my addiction any time of year. I love throwing on a striped sweater or scarf on the weekend and feeling put together, yet casual. I also love that I can find stripes hiding all over my wardrobe -- on my dressy work pants, in my accessories drawer, sprinkled throughout my closet. They make me happy, as silly as that may sound, and they always look so good!

Any particular styles or patterns that you can't live without?

Have a happy, safe Labor Day!
9/6/2010 01:17:33 am

You already know I'm obsessed with damask. Oh how it feeds my soul! But if we are talking clothes (which we obviously are in fashion) I am in love with polka dots. Perhaps I should feature MY addiction soon. :)


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