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stormy sunrise
It is certainly not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last time we talk about the Utah mountains on Everyday Inspirations. When my husband and I started house hunting last year, our view ended up being a huge selling point for us on our house. And oh what a view it is! I count myself so lucky to be able to see such beauty everyday and it is even more inspiring when I am handed views like this stormy sunrise outside my window earlier this week. Our world provides us with so many stunning views that sometimes go unnoticed even when they are right in front of our eyes. Take a moment today and be inspired by the beauty in your everyday.  
9/3/2010 05:14:27 am

Beautiful! I love cloud/mountain combo photos.

9/3/2010 05:40:41 am

GORGEOUS! I'm excited to see the mountains next week!

9/6/2010 08:05:23 am

Love the mountains, love the clouds, love the sky. It's all good and we're so lucky to be able to see it so often!


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