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Heart pendant
Whenever it comes to a time of year when my husband is buying me a gift (gentlemen, Valentine's Day is coming) I always tell him there is one thing I can almost never get sick of receiving--jewelry. I love to accessorize and especially love jewelry that has meaning to me. Now whenever I tell my hubby this I always get the response, "but aren't you bored of getting jewelry from me?" Now guys, let me explain something, when a woman puts on jewelry it is often an extension of herself--her style, her mood, her emotions. So when she wears something from her man it's sort of like bringing a piece of him around with her. 

Even with a ginormous jewelry box full of glittering gems, some of the simplest and most sentimental pieces are the ones that stand out. Like this simple white gold and diamond heart. Nate gave it to me on my 20th birthday. Of all the jewelry I own it has definitely been worn the most, though it certainly isn't the most extravagant or unique thing I own. So why do I love this piece? Perhaps it's the simple design that matches with almost everything. Maybe it's because when I look at it I still remember the exact emotion of surprise and love I felt. Whatever it is, there's something beyond gold, diamonds or my love of jewelry I experience when I wear it. When it around my neck I feel the way he makes me feel--beautiful, safe, happy and loved. I know that sounds beyond cheesy saying out loud, but it's true. Next time you need something special, something simple chosen from the heart is often the best gift you can give.
2/2/2011 05:08:17 pm

This is such a pretty piece.

2/5/2011 03:16:03 pm

Thank you Ebone :)


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