Everyday Inspirations


Lately I have spent a lot of time analyzing my life--the trials, the triumphs and, most of all, the potential paths that lay before me. Too often I get frightened or overwhelmed, unsure of the direction life has taken me. Sometimes I wonder if I have made the right choices.

Today, I heard something significant: Instead of wondering why things happen to us or what we should do with every little obstacle put in our paths, perhaps we should take time to try to understand how today fits into the big picture. How does this a problem, a fear or a lesson fit into your whole life? Instead of giving into the "woe is me" game we so often play, what about asking, "What can I learn about myself right now? How will this day affect the person I'm supposed to be?"

Kinda makes you feel less helpless, huh? :) Keep smiling and growing.

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