Everyday Inspirations

On Friday morning, Salt Lake valley residents awoke to fluffy spring snow. As the day passed, the sun came out and turned everything into a glittering wonderland.

By Saturday, both the sun and the snow had stayed, and I had a lovely backdrop for my morning training run. As I wound through charming Sugarhouse neighborhoods, I saw a father and his little daughter building a snowman in their yard. Her teeny arms were busy packing snow and adjusting the arm branches. Her dad was happily helping her with the more difficult tasks.

My mind went back to over 20 years ago when, on a snowy afternoon, my dad and I built our own snowman in the backyard of the family's first house. Even though I couldn't have been more than three years old, I still remember small details of that day: the colors of twilight on the white snow, the cold on my cheeks, my mother's face looking out the bright kitchen window as she prepared warm pancakes.

The power of the human mind amazes me. With one sight or smell you can be instantly transported back to another time. I loved that small, unexpected visit to my childhood as I ran. Remember and embrace those beautiful memories of your own -- they are treasures to keep in your heart.

What small moments in your life take you back?

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