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Happy birthday
Today I wish a very happy 26th birthday to one of my very best friends. Like the best of friends do, together we have cried tears of laughter, anger and sadness. She is laugh out loud fun, amazingly smart, totally gorgeous and inspires me (and perhaps you) nearly everyday. You might know her -- her name is Ashley and she is my blog partner and co-founder of Everyday Inspirations. In her honor, today celebrate someone in your life. Who inspires you? 

Ruth Rudick
1/21/2011 01:46:13 pm

Angie---what a sweet tribute to your friend and my granddaughter "Ashley"-truer words have never been spoken,she is amazing. I believe I have heard her say those same sweet things about you.How lucky you both are to have each other !

Ruth Rudick
1/21/2011 01:47:22 pm

PS--and by the way "she inspires me"!

1/22/2011 12:56:13 pm

Happy belated Birthday Ashley!

People who inspire me - you two! Honestly, your blog helps me recognize the beautiful in everyday things. Absolutely love your blog.

1/22/2011 11:16:26 pm

Ohhh, you guys. Thank you for such sweet words.

@Ruth Rudick: I think YOU are incredible. You have made my life so beautiful.

@Teri: Do you even know how happy I am we have reconnected? You inspire me as well (I know Ang feels the same). Thank you for being both our blog friend and real-life friend. :)

11/26/2012 09:31:16 pm

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