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I was embarassed to ask Dan to take pics of my hair in the yard... so I threw on some shades. Instant disguise.

The other day I realized we don't have near enough hair posts on EI. Not that I'm any sort of hair expert, but I do experiment a lot. Some days my straight hair just needs more texture. I have several techniques in my back pocket, so today I thought I'd share one on how to create simple, sassy waves.

{what you'll need}
extra hold gel ~ curl enhancing gel ~ hair dryer ~ 0.5" curling iron ~ 1" curling iron ~ clips ~ comb ~ hairspray

1. While hair is damp, part in the middle. Add extra hold gel (just what you'd use every day). Add a couple sprays of the curl enhancing gel to your palm and apply to hair, starting at the tips (don't apply to your roots -- you want body). Because I like to avoid using the dryer while my hair is super wet, I put on makeup while I wait for it to dry a bit.

2. Blow dry hair like normal. No worries about doing anything special at this point.

3. Run a comb through dry hair to get out any snarls. Using a clip, pull up all but your bottom layer of hair. Now, here is my favorite trick: lightly spritz your hair with hairspray, then comb it out while it's still damp. (If you have hair that's less than cooperative when it comes to holding curl, the hair spray gives it a hand without making it crunchy and stiff.) Using your curling irons, curl medium to large sections of hair into spiral curls (the two sizes add a nice texture, plus the 1" iron is much better on those bottom layers no one is going to see). Lightly spritz each layer with hairspray as you go. Repeat all over your head.

4. Once your head is filled with spiral curls, it's time to have fun (though you could stop at this point if you want). Turn your head over and, using your finger tips, massage your roots to start breaking up the curls. Lift your head and use your finger tips to gently shake loose the curls at the roots (it's best to make your hands into claws for this step). Spritz with hairspray to hold, shaking your head to avoid crunchy, immobile strands. Hello, sassy!
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