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Today I'm wearing a big necklace with my hair pulled up. It didn't feel right to have large earrings, but I didn't want my lobes to be left out. Luckily I had these teeny gold earrings from my beautiful fashionista aunt Colleen. I've had them for years and rediscovered them them while organizing jewelry last weekend (along with a lovely, delicate necklace to go with them).

These earrings are a perfect subtle compliment to my wardrobe. And best of all, they have a special place in my heart because they were given to me with love. Nothing can beat that.

What pieces of jewelry are most special to you? Who gave them to you?
8/24/2010 11:29:41 pm

oh my gosh, I love those earrings! So subtle and I love gold. Great photo too. I have a lot of fun necklaces that were my grandmas that hold special meaning. And my dad gave me some pearl earrings that I love.


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