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Like most of the world, I have Japan on my mind. My heart is heavy with every news story that announces an updated death toll, the effects of radiation, pleas from the Prime Minister. I cannot imagine what the Japanese people are experiencing. I guess I keep thinking that life can turn upside down in the blink of an eye.

But there is still hope and inspiration. In fact, just now I took advantage of LivingSocial's donation match. If you give $5 (which, come on, is doable -- many of us spend more than that on lunch), the site will match your donation. Ten dollars for five? So easy. Already, nearly $775,000 has been raised (at my last check) -- and there are still over 14 hours left. That amount of money filled my heart. When we all get together, when we all give just a little, we can make a difference. I guarantee you that your donation will be priceless to someone overseas. 

I believe we can all do beautiful things together. And even though I get a little heartsick when I see what humans are capable of, moments like this remind me of how amazing we can all be together, that tragedy can open the doors to beauty.

If you're able to give, please consider these websites. (Thanks to Google for this reliable list.)

Oh, and I just realized it's St. Patrick's Day. Sorry for my lack of green-focused blog material. I guess going for a training run instead of an Irish beer kinda threw off my celebrating. ;)

Lots of love!
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3/17/2011 11:24:21 pm

Hey Ashley, thought I'd pass along this website - Bloggers Day of Silence for Japan. http://forjapanwithlove.com/

3/20/2011 01:18:15 am

Hi Lindsey! Thank you so much for sharing. Sorry it's taken me a couple days to respond to you. I saw a few fellow bloggers participate in this event and loved it. Thank you for the link and for reading (I love your blog!).



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