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Seattle, Washington

I made it to Seattle for two sunny, hot days in early July. I've always wanted to see Seattle -- it seemed like my kind of town -- and I was thrilled to do so while visiting family in the Northwest.

We were only there two days, so we carved out time for a couple of the tourist attractions. We definitely had to see the gorgeous produce and vibrant, inspiring colors at Pike Place Market and visited the Seattle Art Museum (Andy Warhol and Kurt Cobain exhibits are happening now, and both are wonderful!). We also got lost in the city, checking out the charming districts and eating amazing food. I recommend both restaurants I visited while in Seattle: The Crab Pot (thanks for the recommendation, Kabi!) for their famous "seafeast," and Purple, a lovely downtown wine bar.

Of course, we also visited the very first Starbucks before heading home. Isn't there a rule of some sort?
7/30/2010 12:35:13 pm

I wish I could have spent more than 2 hours there last time I passed through. Just long enough for lunch and a quick look!


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