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~ day 12: a better you ~

holiday thank you
On the twelfth day of holiday do-it-yourself, after the gifts are given and received and much joy has been had, remember to say a special thank you. Thank you for the wonderful gift. Thank you for bringing me happiness this holiday season. Thank you for digging my car out of the snow. Thank you for hosting such an amazing holiday party. Being thankful doesn't end with Thanksgiving and the holidays are a beautiful time to recognize the amazing people in your life.

We put together some holiday thank you cards using scraps and embellishments we already had lying around to say our own thank yous. Get creative with paper, ribbon, scissors and any other fun stuff you have at your house. A beautiful handmade, handwritten thank you can really show someone how important they are to you.  

We hope you enjoyed our 12 days of holiday DIY! Thank you for reading!

P.S. I was also able to use some of these scraps to make some super adorable gift tags. One more holiday DIY inspiration! And yes, there really are wrapped gifts at my house already.

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