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Oh, how I love the energy of big cities!

I spent last weekend in San Francisco and was in love with every minute of it--which is a good thing, because we spent nearly every minute walking around, soaking in as much of the city as was humanly possible in only four days. Let's just say I slept really well every night.

Of course we did the fun tourist things -- Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Coit Tower, Ghiradelli Square, Golden Gate Bridge -- but what always captivates me most when on vacation in a major city is the pace of my surroundings. San Francisco is one of those places that is always going, going, going. There is something amazing around every corner, and it seems all the world is represented somewhere, somehow in that city. And the details! That city is a living work of art. And I always enjoyed the view.
Walking the wharf with my San Francisco sweetie.

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