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Guest Blogger: Daniel Iverson

Daniel is a public relations specialist for a Montana state agency, a former reporter for a daily newspaper, and occasionally a blogger. Daniel's free time is spent with family, friends, technology, and planning his December wedding.

Every morning, I wake up to the scene of a beach my grandmother painted from behind the bay windows of her Anacortes, Washington, house. My brother and I used to visit her there until my family moved to Utah (I was 10 years old then). I don’t know exactly how I ended up with the painting, but it’s my favorite relic of my grandmother.

A couple weeks ago, I returned to Washington for the first time since 1998 for a vacation with my fiancée. While we were there, I retraced the footsteps of my childhood by visiting the places I used to go with my family. One of my goals was to locate my grandmother’s old house and photograph the scene she painted all those years ago.

The problem with doing so was remembering where the house is. I was only a child then, and after close to a decade and a half, my parents didn’t remember either. Anacortes isn’t the biggest city ever, but searching 14.2 square miles with nothing to guide us but a painting and distant memories of a yellow house was still going to be a challenge.

Surprisingly, after only a few minutes of driving around the area, we were successful.

The house was landscaped and renovated and no longer yellow, but the bay windows and interesting design of the roof across the street confirmed the location. After climbing the steep driveway (my apologies to the current residents), I turned around to behold the familiar scene. The view, similar to the house, had changed with time. But we’d definitely found the right spot. I did my best to recreate the scene from the painting and enjoyed the nostalgia for a moment, and then I bid farewell to the house once again.

I saw a lot of memorable things while visiting Washington, but finding my grandmother’s old house is the probably the first thing I’ll remember about the trip years from now. If you ever get the chance to retrace the footsteps of your childhood too, it’s definitely worth experiencing.

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