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I'm not a morbid person, but I love graveyards. They used to scare me. They were dark, dead places full of the unknown. Then I started photographing them and made my peace.

This may not seem inspirational at first, but my transformation and discoveries I've made personally by visiting graveyards around the world has inspired me. Death unites humanity. Across cultures, countries, and time we face mortality. No matter your race, religion, class, health, intelligence, beauty, or age; Whether you believe in an after life, reincarnation or decaying in the earth; Our mortality is something we can't escape. Some people accept that. For others it is their greatest fear. But just as birth, death is something that connects us all as the human race, and however sad, I find that beautiful.

I now find peace and beauty in these places where those who have walked the earth before me lie. Their existence affected the world as it is today and we are their decendants who will affect the world for generations of tomorrow. I honor and respect their existence for having made the world the place it is today. And while I mourn the loss of those before me, I sit here appreciating every wonderful breath I take, hoping I can make the world as beautiful for others as they have for me. May they rest in peace.
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11/3/2010 07:21:32 am

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