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Over the last few months, I have learned an important fact: boys come with lots of remote controls.


That kinda makes it sound like my boyfriend can be controlled with the click of a few buttons. NOT what I meant.

Anyway, I've noticed that the living room can easily taken over by remotes. Remotes on the table. Remotes on the armrest. Remotes on the cushion. You see where I'm going with this. Luckily, we discovered a simple solution for any type of clutter. My grandma gave us a bunch of kitchen stuff a few months ago, including this wooden container. She used to use it to collect various kitchen-y things on her counter (mints, sugar, dry creamer, etc.), but we have discovered it is the perfect place for small things that we want in the living room but don't necessarily want in the open. Things like remotes. And coasters, and that pencil I use for Soduku. It's the perfect little sanity saver that simply tucks away on the shelf under the table.
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2/1/2011 09:23:50 am

That is exactly what our remote control situation was, after I got with The Helpful Hubby! That is until his friend gave him a Logitech Harmony remote one Christmas. I didn't understand the value of them, since they are sort of pricey, but now I LOVE only have 1 remote out and being able to control everything. I would highly recommend getting one! (Sorry, this sounds sort of spammy, but I really love it!)

2/4/2011 08:38:56 am

I love the idea of one remote! It took me so long to figure out the four we have! (Well, except the one that turns on the TV... unfortunately that isn't enough!) :)


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