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Buddy boy

Seriously, is there anything that can brighten up a day quicker than an animal?

My parents own two puppies (who are really full-grown dogs, but to my family will always be known as puppies): Bud and Beth. I remember when we first picked up Bud. I was still in elementary school, and my brother and I went crazy over how completely precious he is. A few years later, we added Beth, our "pound puppy," rescued from the Utah Humane Society. Both dogs have changed our lives and how we look at the world.

My puppies have made me laugh and cry, and they have been there for me for many new adventures. Bud, in particular, has a knack for knowing when I'm upset. He'll rest his chin on my shoulder and let me put my arms around him and have a good sob. Beth is my little sister bean, always smiling, always sweet, and forever flirting with my boyfriend (oh, how she loves him!). She is a miracle in so many ways, and nothing makes you happier than when she leans against your legs and asks for some love.

It amazes me how much an animal can change you for the better. I'm so very grateful for these dogs.
Beth, our sweet little girl

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