Everyday Inspirations


It seems everywhere I turn I am reminded that April is National Poetry Month. Poetry is such an open, diverse, beautiful art. There are many ways to enjoy it, whether you write or not. You can find poetry everywhere, from the lines of a book to the lines of a song. It can inspire and depress. It can open our minds to new worlds and ideas.

Challenge yourself to appreciate the written word. Pull out a book of poems and read one in honor of National Poetry Month (you know you still have an old textbook sitting somewhere on your shelf). Put on a song and listen to the words. Grab your kid and a copy of a Shel Silverstein book for some silly fun. Google your favorite type of poem (free style, haiku, etc.) and discover something new. Check out your local library to see if they have poetry-focused events during April.

Also, think about writing a poem yourself. Writing is a simple way to discover who you are. You don't have to share your work with anyone (unless you want to), and you'll be amazed at what is revealed when you just write.

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