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beach, water, playa animas
While in Mexico, I took a day-long boat ride excursion that included a view of Bahia de Banderas, drinks, entertainment, snorkeling and an afternoon on a beach known as Playa Animas. During the tour, our group was unable to snorkel due to an abudance of jellyfish. The crew of the little boat took us to Playa Animas early, where we could relax for the rest of the day.

I'm not too familiar with the beach, and I'm sure it's probably a place they mostly stick a load of tourists, but I loved it. It was a gorgeous place to breathe in the warm air, play beach volleyball, take photos with a gigantic iguana (oh yes) or sample many types of octopus (if that's your thing). 

The water at the beach was my favorite. Shades of gorgeous green and blue, it serenely lapped onto the soft, warm sand.

Anyone up for heading back?

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