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Despite our long night and the loss of our sweet pup, the race didn't fail to disappoint. To be honest, this year was most exciting for me because my sweetie and brother ran their first half marathons and my dad ran his first full. It is beyond inspiring to see the people I love accomplish such amazing things.

Honestly, I'm still in awe over how much running has changed all of our lives.
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4/18/2011 12:28:08 pm

Congrats, Ash (and crew!)!! So proud of you, girl. So many people would have bailed after the night you guys had--way to power through it and accomplish the goal. And I don't know why, but that photo with you hugging your dad really touched me--so sweet! :)

4/20/2011 06:36:28 am

I am very proud of all of you. What a terrific job you did. Dad is finally recovering...boy his legs were sore.


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