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I was led to an article today about organic fabrics which of course made me think of my mom's favorite article of clothing--her organic cotton socks from Germany. Seeing as it's her birthday this week I took it as a sign that by some divine inspiration I should share this with you today.

What is the benefit of organic clothing? As this article says your mind instantly goes to Birkenstocks and shapeless tunics. I promise you, organic is fashion-friendly these days. Organic fabrics are made from all natural materials as a part of the organic agriculture movement. For me, generally when I think of the benefits of organic farming on the soil, air and water pollution, clothing is not the first thing that comes to mind. But the growth of cotton and other natural fibers is hard on the environment too.

Lots of apparel companies are starting to use fabrics that are 100 percent organic cotton or a blend of organic cotton in their clothing. This means you can love the earth and look fabulous doing it. Plus, as my mom will tell you about her socks, it is delightfully buttery and soft and incredibly comfortable to wear. *Greenloop has tons of cute clothing and products that use environmental-friendly fabrics. *Stoopher & Boots has great organic cotton shirts and onesies for your little one too!

If you are interested in organics, I highly recommend you read this "How Organic Clothing Works" article. It has a great breakdown explaining the ins and outs of organic fabrics and clothing.

*I am in no way being compensated to feature these companies.

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