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Making a house a home is easy when you add personal, unique touches. I adore accenting a room with family photographs, particularly when those photos are from a time I don't even remember.

One picture I display is of my parents on their first wedding anniversary. I love the simpleness of this image: my 24-year-old parents, full of life, embrace for a quick photo before going out to celebrate their first year of marriage. This picture fills me with joy and wakens a deep love and respect for who my parents were and who they became over the years. These are the faces I longed for as an infant. This is a story with details I both know and have to guess.

Add your own family history to your shelves. Go through albums and pull out pictures that mean the most to you--birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, trips. Ask your parents or grandparents for images of your mom and dad as children, teenagers, young adults. Fall in love with their past.

I recommend scanning your favorite photos (for long-term protection of the images and as a first step of simple restoration). Print, frame, and set the pictures throughout the house as reminders of where you came from.
5/25/2010 12:45:15 pm

I feel like a dork because I am always commenting on this blog, seriously, once per day. Anyway, I am a big believer in this one too... I have a photograph of my grandma and grandpa at their wedding and since my grandma died 12 years ago, its nice to be able to have her in my apartment. I also have one of my mom and sisters old school portrait style all lined up in a row. Both are black and white and make my apartment so special!

5/26/2010 12:47:19 am

Haley, I LOVE that you always comment. It makes the blog so much more fun. :) And I love those photo ideas! What a great tribute to amazing women in your life. ash


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