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I've spent part of this weekend preparing for an upcoming business trip to Florida. One of my most important tasks was to buy a new pair of black shoes to wear to my meetings and dinners. I would bring my current pair of black pumps, but I may or may not have worn them so often that one now has a tear running along the material that sits next to the ball of my foot.

I also may or may not have worn those heels while they looked like that. Hey, I needed black shoes for that outfit and my pants were long enough to cover the tear. Mostly.

I follow a pattern with shoes: every so often, I buy a pair that I love and wear them day in, day out for months until I inevitably tear them, wear down the heel, or scuff them beyond recognition. What can I say? I love my shoes to death. But because I can be so very hard on shoes, I follow a specific pattern for buying them: 1) I always, always, always buy great (read: not cheaply made) shoes on sale (not a difficult thing to do if you're willing to look); and 2) I always buy a pair that can go with everything. When I'm getting ready in the morning, having a go-to pair of shoes (that look perfect with any outfit) saves my sanity. Best of all, buying a versatile pair of shoes for a business trip means I don't need to cram two or three pairs of heels into my carry-on bag (something I would not be surprised to find myself doing).

I found the shoes above in the clearance section at DSW -- for 40% off. (Oh, by the way, they're MUCH blacker in person... there isn't that much contrast between the faux scales. I just became waaaay too happy with the photo edit feature and saved the changes before I realized that I had deleted the original file on my camera.) I can't wait to wear them as I meet my colleagues from around the world.
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7/17/2013 02:41:54 pm

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9/27/2013 03:12:50 am

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