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World, meet Nate--my sweet, smart, playful, romantic husband. Tomorrow I will be celebrating one year being married to him so I thought it was a good time to introduce you and tell you all why he inspires me. 

He is loyal. I have rarely met someone so completely devoted to his friends and family. He is there with a listening ear and advice, strong arms to help people move, or words of friendship when they are most needed. His family is his love, which I so admire in him. Now as his wife, I am so happy to call myself a part of that family.

He doesn't judge. He can find nearly anyone anywhere and he will find something good and special in them. He is tolerant, open-minded and loves to meet new people. In fact most places we go he will leave with ten new friends that he has had a heart to heart with. 

He makes me laugh. Whether he's being playful, sarcastic or sweet he can always put a smile on my face. Even when I really really really don't want to smile, he has a way of turning those frowns upside down.

He is sensitive. Not in the wimpy way. Nate is not afraid of emotions which makes him even more of a man. 

He gives the best hugs. Okay okay, without getting too mushy and emotional, when his big arms are wrapped around me and my head is pressed to his heart I feel like I'm safe from the world. Everything disappears but the two of us and I am in a state of completion. I can never give up those hugs.

He may be a manly man, but he is kind of a girl. Nate takes pride in the way he looks when he leaves the house. He finds no shame in personal grooming (really guys, it's not scary) and I regularly find him borrowing my hair straightener and tweezers. And no, he's not gay, I promise you that. He does get hit on fairly often though ;) 

He is an artist. He loves to draw, paint, design and most of all, play guitar. I love how passionate he is about it. 

He is not afraid to be himself. I have always been concerned about what others think of me, but he just puts himself out there, unafraid to be exactly who he is. Even better, he lets me be me--even when me is someone totally crazy. 

{Love you always my Nathan}

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