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Dear Starbucks, thank you for bringing back the mocha coconut Frappuccino. I think now my life might be complete.

It all goes back about a decade ago when I first realized I liked coffee in frozen form. I was 15 or 16 and I had a Frappuccino at the airport on the way home from skating camp. That same summer I discovered the mocha coconut version at Starbucks and fell in love. All was good.
Then a very sad thing happened -- they took it off their menu! I was devastated, but settled for the regular mocha Frap. But my love never died and I still dreamed of the delights of mocha coconut -- the way the smoky flavor of the toasted coconut mimics that of the coffee and dark chocolate creating the ideal threesome of flavors.  Three of my favorite flavors anyway, and the marriage of them together is perfection. I have tried many other kinds and none have matched up.  

After years of dreaming about these, it's like that long-lost love in movies. I often wondered if I had the idea of their deliciousness all built up in my head or if my love was real. Also, my taste in food has changed so much since my teenage years, I wasn't quite sure if maybe it wouldn't be as good as I remembered. I spent years trying to develop a good recipe, even consulting my friend who worked at Starbucks. All last summer was devoted to creating a good recipe that came close to it so that I could share it on my blog. I consulted other recipes and tried changing things up, but dear readers, I never could make one that was good enough to post. 

Then yesterday an amazing thing happened. I was taking my mom to Starbucks for Mother's Day for Frappuccino happy hour (get half price for a limited time only from 3-5pm). We were pulling up to the drive thru and I was going to make a comment to her, for about the millionth time, about how much I missed the mocha coconut one. As we pulled up to order I *GASPED* so loud because there was a sign advertising their returned Mocha Coconut Frappuccino! Yes, it is back. If this were a movie this is the part where I'd be passionately kissing my returned soldier and it's even better than I remembered. Yes, I'm that in love. 

No more need for my laborious recipe-making, they are available now. You must get one! I don't know if they are temporary this time around, but in the chance they are doing a marketing test to see if it should be brought back permanently, everyone go get one for my sake! I need them to stay! No, Starbucks is not compensating me in any way to write this -- I just am in love. That is all.  

And the girl walked into the sunset and lived happily ever after, Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frappuccino in hand. 

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