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Borghese Fango
I don't know if you have noticed, but it is f*%#ing freezing outside. And dry. And bleh. The groundhog may have predicted spring (hmmm we'll see),  but my skin sure feels like winter. I felt like my face needed a little rejuvenation so today I used my favorite face mask--Fango by Borghese.* I love the way I can feel it working--gently removing flaky dead skin and clearing my pores. Of course I also appreciate that the mud comes in this fabulous green color that always makes me feel a little like Jim Carrey in "The Mask" (can you see the resemblance? Ha!) Borghese is a top-of-the-line department store brand (I actually used to represent their line when I was in college so I know how truly awesome it is), but you can get it for a deal online or even sometimes at Costco. I have had many a facial, but Fango always has a way of making my skin feel refreshed. Rub in some moisturizer afterward and I feel like a new woman ready to face the freezing cold outdoors. Let's pray the groundhog is right. I want my normal skin back!

* I am in no way being compensated to write this for Borghese.
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2/3/2011 02:01:00 pm

im in australia. were cani get this product? i have always wanted something similer to the product.

2/5/2011 03:23:21 pm

Hey Amelia, it looks like they don't ship to Austrailia directly from their site, but I would recommend seeing if you can buy it on eBay. I know they sell it there so you would just have to find a seller that would ship to Austrailia. Hope that helps!


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