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There may come a time in your life where you become a landlord. Ah, what a blessed life is that of the landlord! Extra income, helpful use of your extra rooms.... Of course, I know that landlords also have to put up with a LOT of pain-in-the-butt stuff they really can't get around. For that, I have a lot of respect for the work it takes to manage renters, collect money, follow up on repairs, etc. However, I also think it's important to note a few details that all landlords should be aware of. Attention paid to such details may result in a happier experience between you and your renter (particularly if said renter happens to be a blogger).

(Note: The following list may or may not have been inspired by personal experience.)
  • Some people are pigs. I know this. I was a resident adviser for two years during college and saw some truly horrendous sights. Sadly, the laziness of college students is just a precursor for what's to come as adults. Therefore, as a landlord, you should be ready to SEVERELY PUNISH people who leave a kitchen in the state of NEVER CLEANED IT ONCE DURING TEN YEARS OF RENTING. Particularly if a previous renter appears to have cooked only with grease, resulting in layer upon layer of grime on every surface. Shudder.
  • Sinks that don't drain are gross. Sinks that don't drain after a severe dose of Foaming Pipe Snake* are just plain awful. Please make sure all sinks drain.
  • Um, seriously? Did the person before me NEVER clean anything? Not even wipe down, say, the fridge or the blinds or the sink? Please hunt down and fine this person. She owes me hours of sanity. She also owes me for the what I had to endure when the smell of OxyClean-enhanced Brillo pads* hit the biggest pile of oven grease in Salt Lake City.
  • Please be nice and approachable in case any of the above incidents happen to your renters. Lucky for me, I like my landlord a lot.
Many thanks in advance,

Your renter (who promises to clean the apartment weekly, take out the trash, care for your home, and generally be a pretty awesome person)

*These just happen to be the cleaning products I used, nothing I was asked to write about.
8/31/2010 08:37:51 am

Soooo true! Now that we're on our 3rd apartment, we feel like we're becoming renting PROS! And it can be really frustrating to deal with issues like this. People are slobs. F'real. :)


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