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reach your goals
You want a new job. You are looking for a relationship. You want to lose weight. Whatever it is you want, make it happen.

I was explaining my theory of success to my husband the other day--the idea that if you think positively and you focus on reaching your goals you can literally will things to happen. Of course he had a smart ass remark ready that if he concentrates on willing wings to grow out of his back he can fly. Sigh. No honey, that's not what I mean.

Whether you believe in energy, the power of the mind, or the power of hard work, I think at least half of most anything you do is based on your mentality. When you have a positive mindset toward a set goal and you regularly reaffirm yourself, you can make it happen. Will it necessarily happen the exact way you plan? No. Can you control every aspect of it? No. But you can have the things you want. And it may surprise you how things fall into your lap (it certainly has surprised me!) Here are steps to attain the life you want.

1. Set your goal. Figure out a solid goal to reach for. It helps to write it down.

2. Make a plan. Figure out logical steps you can follow to make it happen. You don't have to fill in all the blanks, just get yourself on a path toward what you want.

3. Affirm yourself along the way. As you follow your plan don't let yourself get negative. Give yourself little pep talks by saying affirmations in your head or even aloud. Here are some examples. "I will find a job I love." "I will be in a happy relationship." "I will be happy with my body." "I will be secure in my finances."

Continue to affirm yourself and think in a positive way. Could you have attained your goals simply by following this logical plan toward your set goal? Perhaps. But the positive attitude affects the way you might handle things which affects your ability to attain your goal. It's those small decisions that often shape the larger picture. Now decide what you want and set yourself on a path to make your dreams come true.

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