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This is how everyone takes notes at #bwe10
I just got back from Blog World Expo and I am gushing with new exciting information! I have a feeling we'll have some fun changes around here! It's still taking time to process it all, but I thought I'd share some common themes on how to make your blog better. Here are my top five tips for my fellow bloggers based on advice from all the amazing, inspiring presenters at Blog World. These are somewhat intuitive, but it never hurts to be reminded.
networking at blog world
Making connections at #bwe10
Content is key. Make sure your posts are well-written and interesting. Quality should be valued over quantity. 

Make good connections. Find other blogs like yours and rather than seeing them as the competition, make friends! The more connections you have will help spread your message further. Plus, they will inspire you in new ways. Ash and I are always looking for more friends at EI, so be sure to drop us a line or tweet us @365inspirations, @amfairbanks or @ashbunk

Optimize for search engines. People are more likely to find you if you're optimized...which we already knew but there are so many ways you should implement SEO. Keywords, categories, making your page accessible to people with disabilities, podcasts, videos, image tags, metatags, the list goes on. Do your research and figure out how you can be found.

Make your page delicious. Good to read content is a must, but good to look at is too! Compelling photos and images often determines whether or not people read a story. 

You need to be everywhere. Don't always use the same methods of sharing. Share on Facebook and Twitter but don't forget about all the other places people can connect with you. Podcasts, YouTube videos, Google Connect, BlogFrog, and through linking posts to name a few.

How will you make your blog better? We'd love to hear what you love and what you think we can do better at Everyday Inspirations! Be sure to leave us a comment.

Enjoy the opening keynote from Blog World. Hilarious and tons of great tips.
10/20/2010 07:39:21 am

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