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To do list
Happy Saturday! Time to get organized and get those summer projects underway. Between working full time and part time, running my own business and co-writing Everyday Inspirations, I usually keep myself pretty busy. This is nothing new to me. I, like a lot of women, have always tried to do too much. Anytime something leaves my plate, I always seem to fill it up again with new projects I want to accomplish. How do I manage it all? Lists! Ashley regularly teases me about my obsession with lists. The act of writing a list throws me into a frenzy of excitement because they are honestly the only thing that keeps me sane. Without lists everything that needs to be done gets jumbled in my brain. As I'm trying to concentrate on a task, 50 other thoughts of, "Oh crap I need to do that too! Oh and that too! GAH!!!" distract me from what I am doing. Simply taking the time to write it all out allows me to free my mind and focus effectively because I know it's all there on paper. I am able to better prioritize my time so that in addition to my million to do tasks, I also have some down time, which let me tell you, is incredibly important for not burning yourself out. Plus looking at your list with everything checked off gives you a great sense of accomplishment (I'll admit, sometimes I add stuff on my list that I already accomplished that day just so I can check it off. Don't judge). Make a happy list today!

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