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Dan and I have recently become obsessed with the yumminess known as Mad Men, devouring at least one episode on weeknights or going full-on marathon style on the weekends (but don't spill secrets, we're only on season two).

I'm most definitely not the first woman to fall completely in love with the show's fashion. But I blame no one for this obession. I cannot get enough of it! With every episode I find myself wishing we still dressed up 60s style. I want to wear gloves! What about those elegant up-dos?

Luckily, the classic shapes found in the show can still be worn today. Here are three of my top favorite fashion statements on Mad Men.
Red, red lips
So. Delicious.

I've always shy been when it came to lip color, but I'll tell you -- watching Joan waltz around with those pink and red lips has cured that shyness. Lately I have found myself reaching for colored gloss or lipstick. Bring it on.

Curve huggin' dresses
I'm a short woman, but I have some fabulous curves (and I'm not afraid to admit that I love them!). Mad Men is definitely your show if you're a fan of curves. Those women are beautiful. And those dresses! Made to hug and love curves. I tell you, every time I watch an episode I want to go out and buy a new outfit that will beautifully show off my natural shape.

I specifically bought this dress (waaaay before I even knew about Mad Men) because it made me think of dresses from my mother's or grandmother's youth. There is something so timeless about this shape.

Hats, hats, hats!
Over the summer we visited an antiques shop in Lincoln City, OR, where they had TONS of hats. I HAD to try them all on. I was thisclose to purchasing this pillbox hat -- you know, because I'd wear it so often back home in Salt Lake.

But seriously, all I could think at the time was, "Whatever happened to the hats?" I drool over the variety of hats worn by women in Mad Men. They totally make an outfit. I need to ask my grandmother all about fashion back in the 1960s... specifically the hats she wore. I think we need to bring them back. Ladies, who's with me?

9/21/2010 10:23:59 am

love love love Mad Men with maybe a little too much of my heart! And I love that it flaunts curves so much! And you really do have incredible curves! Love your teeny waist too!


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