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~ a better you ~

Me (left) and my friend Sarah in Puerto Vallarta.

Does that title sound too cheesy? Too after-school special? Sorry, but I feel this is a lesson we still need as adults.

Let me give you an example.

When I was a kid, I didn't like my freckles. They really bugged me, especially in the summer when I'd play outside and they would suddenly emerge, those little, uninvited guests. My family adored them. I remember my grandfather once telling me how cute he thought they were and how much he missed them in the winter when they would fade off my face. I knew people who wished for freckles. I still didn't want them.

I was an adult by the time I learned to appreciate my freckles (I will admit, though, there are still moments I want to cover up some of them so I no longer look like I'm in junior high, but that's another issue). I understand those freckles are me. And since I love me, I love my freckles (we're kind of a package deal). There are even times I think they're the cutest things ever--especially the little ones that dot my hairline after a day at the beach. They make me stand apart and bring something unique to my face.

Today, I can look at the freckles that dot the noses of my beautiful younger cousins and finally see what I could never understand when I was 12. I used to get too caught up in what I thought was beautiful. I didn't see the natural beauty that was a part of my features. Once I did, I forgot about what I thought I should look like.

We all have something we fixate on. Maybe it's not freckles for you. Maybe it's an extra-long middle toe or that you're super tall. The thing that strikes me as interesting, though, is that those little details that cause such grief are what make you unique. Also of note: the times you feel inadequate are usually when you're trying to fit into a mold that was never meant for you. Break away. Fall in love with your "flaws" and make them your assets. Don't waste another day wishing to be someone you're not.

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