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I parted with quite a few things during the Great Clean-Out of 2010, but I still had trouble with one thing: my collection of books. I gave away a few old novels from college that I knew I'd never read again, but I kept nearly everything else.

I love having books in my home and adore how a shelf of books looks in a room (I may or may not have had a minor stress moment when I questioned whether the bookshelves would fit in the new apartment). I also always have a few books near my bed. I love ending the day snuggled under a blanket, reading until I can't keep my eyes open (by the way, this is why a bedside lamp is a necessity). I don't know if I could ever love an e-reader. Sure, there's convenience and the fact that I could download a book in no time at all. But I've gobbled up traditional books for so long that nothing can ever replace the feel of pages turning in my fingers, the smell of paper, or the crack I hear as I break into a brand-new novel.
8/18/2010 01:15:09 am

oh my gosh, how did I not know you had such a fabulous blog????

I haev major issues getting rid of books too. I LOVE books, LOVE reading, LOVE the smell of bookstores, everything book related. :)

8/18/2010 01:25:37 am

Teri, I adore you! I'm so glad we've reconnected online. :) Your blog is also fabulous!

I'm so glad you love books the way I do! It's a love affair that has gone back, oh, 20 years?


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