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I think the world agrees -- Skating with the Stars tonight was, well...painful. And not because of the falls in practice. As a figure skater for 19 years and a coach for seven, I will say that unlike dancing, skating requires a set of skills that takes years to hone before you can even begin to do anything remotely entertaining. Sorry ABC, not working for me. Not that the competitors didn't do well considering how long they have skated. They just couldn't do anything exciting enough for national television.

With skating on the mind and it being that time of year when people decide to grab those skates and head to the rink, I thought I'd give you some advice on what to wear skating that's both practical and looks fabulous. No, I'm not going to tell you to wear tights and a tiny rhinestone-encrusted dress (though I certainly won't judge...I do it all the time!)

Leggings are perfect for skating because they are comfortable and stretchy -- just what you need to be able to bend your knees and try a few daring moves. Pair that with a long sweater which will keep you warm and cushion your tushy on those falls. Don't be afraid to fall. The best life lesson from skating is when you fall, you get right back up and try it again. A cute scarf is great accessory because it will keep you toasty while you warm up, but can be taken off when you're hot. Yes, believe me, when you skate hard enough you will get hot. Next you'll need some gloves both to keep your hands warm and to protect them from ice burn when you fall. Finally, wear thin dress socks, not thick ones. Thin socks will protect you from blisters better because you don't have the added layer of fabric scratching and rubbing on your skin. 

Now go get yourself to an ice rink! Keep your head up, your knees bent and don't be afraid to try something a little out of your comfort zone.

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