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Would I love to play interior designer in my house all the time? Yes. Can I afford it? Not so much. I have always had a constant thirst to change up my decor and surroundings. No joke. When I was little I would rearrange and redecorate my room in the middle of the night so my mom would wake up to a sleeping girl in a totally different room. Thought it was funny. Was it Mom? But there's something about it that just refreshes me. In my new house I find myself constantly fighting the battle between my creative side and my pocketbook. But...here is my latest peace treaty--my sunny, bold, statement-making place mats. I bought a set of eight for about $15 at HomeGoods, one of my absolute favorite home stores. It is such a minor change, but it totally livens up my whole living space (even my wallet agrees). Now my table is begging for sunshine blasting through the windows, grilled summer meals with fresh fruits and veggies, and lot of friends and family surrounding it.

And, of course, they will be a perfect backdrop for summer food photo shoots for EI. Make sure you check back for some fresh summer cooking! 
5/18/2010 11:35:30 pm

Angie - the nocturnal furniture re-arranging was something I scarcely understood as your mother or having been a child development major in college. Maybe Freud has some theories on why people would change furniture at 2 am. Your childhood bedroom furniture was heavy, yet you moved it all, and always came up with a new room design that outdid the previous one. So to add placemats and a vase of flowers is such a simple and nearly effortless gesture, by comparison! If you begin changing the bedroom furniture in the middle of the night, I'm sure Nate will let me know. :D


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